Festum Carnis 2015

Well damn! This incredibly cool event is certainly going to be the highlight of my summer. I have been entrusted with the hefty task of providing sound reinforcement for this extremely interesting Metal Festival that will take place in the beautiful Sierra foothills.

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Festum Carnis
Festum Carnis 2015

“This is a genuine out-in-the-woods-on-a-fucking-mountain Metal experience… Feral, Natural, Primal, Carnal! We will forge this experience with music, food, drink, and the natural terrain which surrounds us! All of you die-hards who have conjured dreams of the primitive metal experience in the woods while surrounded by the elements of nature, here it is! Prepare your souls and the vessels they ride in! Wimps and primadonnas need not apply, as this is for the true warriors and agents of chaos who have envisioned such an experience!

 Festum Carnis is in its third year, and we intend to rage even harder, meaner, steadier and nastier than the hellstravaganza that was last year! Check out the Lineup page to see them all. Get ready to rage forth once again maniacs, for this is your independent outdoor metal festival!

Festum Carnis is a 3 day weekend camping festival celebrating the joyous thing that is Metal in the forest. Do you like Metal? Do you like the forest? Then you will love Festum Carnis. There will be THREE DAYS OF METAL playing over the course of the weekend, enough to satiate even a Nordic Lord’s most brutal listening desires. Since this is a 3 day festival, we will be camping there overnight for a few days. So, bring the shit you will need to sleep and survive in the forest.

Festum Carnis 2015 will be held at Blue Mountain Event Center, 7250 Mitchell Mill Rd, Wilseyville, California 95257″

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