The Commons, San Jose CA

I have not had much time to write about my latest endeavors in the world of sound reinforcement and recording, but I just did an event in San Jose that deserves a special mention.


The Commons is a music and performance showcase that happens monthly in San Jose, CA. It aims to bridge the gap between the classical arts/music and contemporary culture and it does that very well. Yesterdays participants put on a fantastic show, a visual and sonic performance that pleased the large crowds that showed up to witness this unique artistic event . Amongst them were Awesöme Orchestra CollectiveShaina Evoniuk MusicThe Pickpocket EnsembleDirty Cello w/ Carlos Aguirre, AlphaDog ( Kristina Dutton and Teddy Rankin-Parker), Trio Ménage, Erin Malley, Good HustleLove District and ANYA.

The Commons is helmed by up and coming event producers Freya Seeburger and Drew Clark. By fostering an inviting, relaxed atmosphere they make the arts more accessible to the public. The Commons will showcase some of the best classical and contemporary music talent in the Bay Area. You can learn more if you go to