The Lazy Cocoon – my unique take on what mobile production should be like. I am very proud of my baby! (

KSK Records (aka Kanaga System Krush) – a truly independent  “fair trade” record label. They always pride themselves on the excellent music they bring from all over the world! (

The Oz Mix – The online presence of Oz Fritz – a legendary audio engineer and sonic wizard, producer, a Grammy Award winner, spiritualist. He will definitely push your intelectual envelope with his deep articles and mesmerizing understanding of the world. (

NatureDevil – a punk rock band from Chicago I used to play bass in (long time ago). Also, this is the website of Brian Lambrecht – a lifelong friend, musician, artist and filmmaker. Easily the most creative person I know. (

(Beta) Matt Wright – a rather meticulous sound engineer from the North Bay. Very interesting guy, has been the house engineer for Prairie Sun forever.. (

BARMMAP – short for “Bay Area Recording Mixing Mastering And Production” is San Francisco Bay Area group, created by McKay Garner to bring artists, home recording enthusiasts and working audio professionals together to share their excitement, knowledge, and ideas about furthering the fields of recording, mixing, mastering, and producing music and/or audio. (

Gear Sluts – An amazing audio resource, a forum that will possibly answer all the questions you might have about almost any type of audio gear. You can also find valuable reviews, comparisons, ideas and discussions. (

Tape Op magazine – an amazing read and valuable resource for all who work with audio. This may easily be the only magazine I read from cover to cover. (

They Ride – a small (but growing) list of fellow business owners from San Francisco Bay Area who also ride motorcycles. In other words – they are all buddies of mine. (

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I am 29 years old and am pursuing my dream of electronic dance music.
Right now I am studying at Point Blank online. I want to further my sound engineering and workflow process as well as many other areas in the production of edm. I have looked into SAE Institute and saw your post about their school. I have read your bio on the site and I am very impressed. My sister Ali Faulkner is a talented Vocal artist and actress. Just google her and you can see. I would really appreciate being able to have a quick word with you about the school and some advice. Please contact me at your convenience. My number is (xxx-xxx-xxxx). I would really appreciate this. Thank you for your time.