Finishing some unfinished business

During the first half of May I was busy recovering from a solid jet lag, suffering from rough pollen allergies and finishing up some work for Chris Berry‘s new album (which still doesn’t have a name.. at least nothing last & final). All the work was done once again at KSK Studio – a blissful place to cut a record.

Chris Berry recording vocals at KSK Studio.

This time around we were focused on vocal tracking, but we also ended up stripping songs down and rebuilding them from the ground up. Following a central theme of change, this album really shaped itself into this metamorphosis of Chris’ ever evolving music writing and new depths of lyrical composition. What ended up an almost complete piece of work (yet to be mixed by the audio wizard Oz Fritz) was the product of many hours of solid work in the studio. It was interesting to witness Chris in his element – effectively turning the studio into his playground and just starting to create with no end.

Needless to say I am really excited about this album. Release date is still floating but by the looks of things it won’t be before September of this year.